Moving a piano


Moving a piano is a complex and delicate operation that requires careful planning and experienced personnel The piano is a musical instrument of great value both economically and emotionally, and its internal structure and bulky size make it particularly difficult to handle during transport.

Before moving, it is important to carefully assess the conditions at both your origin and destination. Be sure to measure the space and access so that the piano can fit through without any problems. To facilitate transport, it may be necessary to disassemble some parts of the piano, but this work should be performed by specialized personnel to avoid damage.Moving a piano

Once all the details are planned out, it is very important to properly protect the piano during transport. Wrap the piano in blankets or protective material to prevent scratches and damage during transport. Also, use appropriate straps and equipment to lift and move the piano safely.

The piano should be transported with extreme care, avoiding jolts and sudden movements. Additionally, it is important to keep the piano upright during transport and never tilt or tip it over.


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