Is it possible to transport a chest of drawers with things in it?


After a housewarming party after moving with, each of us strives to put all things in their places as quickly as possible. Moving takes a lot of effort, including transporting furniture, since everything needs to be disassembled and then reassembled. Transporting any item takes time, let’s take a chest of drawers for example. And each chest of drawers has its own characteristics, most often they are small in size, so sometimes they don’t need to be disassembled. And some cannot be taken apart at all (old furniture that wasIs it possible to transport a chest of drawers with things in it? assembled with glue). In this situation, you need to take out all the things from it and make it as light as possible to carry. Secure the drawers or doors with tape or rope, then wrap them with film. When carrying out, you will need at least two people, but the number of people depends only on the size and weight. It is better for experienced movers who deal with this every day to do this. When transporting, you need to disassemble it, namely, take out all the things from it, then the drawers, unscrew the handles (so that they do not get damaged or scratch the walls). Then you can remove the back wall and disassemble the case. The boxes can be packed in bubble wrap, and the handles and fittings can be placed in a bag.

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