How to transport a mattress?


The need to transport a mattress may arise when purchasing it or when transporting it to a new location with Only at first glance it seems that there is nothing complicated in this issue, but when you see a large orthopedic mattress, which, naturally, does not fit in a passenger car, the question of how to transport it in a car confuses many. In addition, you need to know some important nuances so as not to cause irreparable damage to the structure.

The design of spring orthopedic mattresses does not allow them to be folded or twisted in any way, so the right decision in this case is to order freight transportation. This issue is not always resolved as quickly as we would like; often we have to wait for a car for quite a long time. The next point is packaging. If you bought a new product, you can transport it in its “original” packaging, but a used product should be wrapped in at least polyethylene. It is not recommended to use fabric as packaging material, as it allows moisture to pass through.How to transport a mattress?

When loading and transporting yourself, observe the following rules:

check the luggage compartment for any sharp, protruding corners that could damage the product;
Lay the mattress horizontally – this way its structure will be completely preserved. If there is no other alternative, install it vertically, but secure it well so that it does not bend on the road;
Do not place heavy objects on a horizontally laid canvas that could damage the integrity of the product.

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