How to transport a double mattress in a car?


When transporting in a passenger car, you can place the mattress on the roof, but it can become deformed even due to low speed. Therefore, you should call and look at the operating instructions and make sure whether this type of transportation is allowed. It is important that there is no pressure on the load and that it remains in one position throughout the entire trip. If the dimensions of your car allow it to be placed inside or in the trunk, it may not fit and you may have to twist it. Transportation by car will not beHow to transport a double mattress in a car? possible if you have a spring mattress. For this type of mattress, it is better to order a larger machine so that there are no problems with its use in the future. And also, if transporting a double mattress will be problematic due to its size, it is better not to risk your comfort when using it. Contact moving companies for help. Specialists will carefully pack, pay attention to loading and secure fixation. If you decide to transport an orthopedic product on your own, you will have to completely empty the luggage compartment, carefully mark it strictly in a horizontal position; if there is a need for vertical placement, secure the cargo and pack sharp corners inside the transport so as not to damage the packaging.

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