How to properly load things into a van when moving an apartment?


If you decide to load the car yourself, you need to know the rules in order to place all the things in the back with maximum benefit. You need to check some parameters: whether you can load it yourself or whether you need help, whether things are well packed, whether the car is the right size. Use our tips to effectively use the vehicle’s carrying capacity:How to properly load things into a van when moving an apartment?

Check if everything is fine with the car, namely, if the floor is dry and clean, you can additionally lay cardboard, and you can also wrap easily breakable items in bubble wrap.
First of all, to begin with, you should load large objects into the car, these are cabinets, beds, sections and walls. It is imperative to place them along the side, possibly securing them with belts if they are present in the car. The next cabinet must be placed with the back wall facing the first one, and thick cardboard should be laid out between them (so that there are no gaps); if it is missing, old blankets will do. Items must be loaded in a row so that there are no empty spaces. Glass and fragile panels should only be transported in an upright position.
The rest of the things – packed boxes are placed immediately after the furniture, remember that the heavy ones are on the bottom, and the light and fragile ones are on the top, and you can also put something not heavy on the furniture. After this, a washing machine and refrigerator are loaded into the van.


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