How to pack furniture when moving?


The main rule is to disassemble everything you can, label the parts correctly and pack them correctly. Prepare all packaging material, which will be divided into three categories:

An economical option is wrapping paper, stretch film, cardboard, newspapers and tape.
A more expensive option is bubble wrap, double-layer corrugated cardboard.
Homemade option – old blankets, tape, bags.

How to pack furniture when moving with

Upholstered furniture – when it comes to upholstery, you definitely need to carefully cover every piece of the sofa, as well as the armchairs. For example, this can easily be done using stretch tape and tape (for securing) or bubble wrap. Orthopedic mattresses are best transported in a vertical (standing) position. Pillows and bedding can be placed in bags. The leather must be packed in thick fabric or corrugated cardboard.
Large furniture (set, wardrobe, wall) – we disassemble, remove shelves, take out drawers and label! You can pack it with stretch and wrap it in paper or newspapers. If doors or drawers cannot be reached, they must be secured with tape or tied with ropes so that they do not open during transport. Please note that mirrors or glass must be removed and wrapped in bubble wrap.How to pack furniture when moving?
Pictures are wrapped in paper and secured with tape.
You need to take time to label, especially if you have a lot of furniture; when you arrive at a new place, it will be much easier for you to put everything back together. Collect the small set into tight little bags and write down what it goes with, or glue it to the furniture in which it was wrapped. It is also very important not to leave screws in the headset, they can damage the walls at turns. We also don’t forget about boxes, you can put small things in them, such as shelves, books, toys, dishes, and so on. You can put almost everything you have in the house in them, the main thing is to remember that it is important to additionally secure and pack fragile things and equipment.

When you hire specialists, you will not need to worry about the safety of your cargo, they will do everything for you, and will also purchase all the components for packaging in advance.


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