How to pack a sofa for transportation?


First you need to call or disassemble it, as it will be difficult to carry it through doorways, up stairs or into elevators. To facilitate the further assembly process, you can mark the parts or capture them in a photo, and in order not to lose the mounting bolts and screws, they can be screwed back so that when assembling you do not rack your brains about where they were originally located. Carefully inspect everything so that nothing is sticking out; small parts that are not completely screwed in can scratch or tear other components of the room, such as furniture, walls or doors when removed. Let’s move on to packaging, we will need stretch film, bubble wrap and tape for securing, all this can be purchased at any hardware store. First, we wrap all parts with bubble wrap, then with stretch tape and secure with tape. If you can transport the sofa without disassembling it, it is better to pay more attention to its packaging, for example, additionally wrap it with cardboard or fabric.How to pack a sofa for transportation?

When disassembled, it can be easily moved in an elevator cabin, and then in your own car, provided it is small in size. When transporting a sofa in your car, do not forget about its fasteners; place it correctly and securely secure it with elastic bands. If you are transporting it in a spacious box, lay out all the components and secure them with straps so that they do not have the opportunity to move around the vehicle. If you are unsure of your abilities, then order the services of professional movers with a cargo van; they themselves will purchase materials to protect your belongings and transport your cargo safely.

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