How to organize storage in the house after moving?


So, you’ve moved with, happy housewarming! After moving to a new apartment or house, there is always the question of distributing things and furniture. Situations may vary. There is less space due to the lack of a balcony or other furniture arrangement, and on the contrary, there is more space and everything needs to be laid out more carefully. There are more things, the birth of a child, more new rooms – these factors influence the further arrangement. The best option is to think through and calculate how much space you have for furniture and whether things will fit there.

To start:How to organize storage in the house after moving?

Unpack everything you need.
Don’t take out all the stuff – if the apartment is not completely finished, you haven’t had time to assemble or buy additional furniture, items that are not of primary importance may remain in boxes or inexpensive floor hangers.
Sort your belongings – put absolutely everything away, then it will be easier to understand how much space you will need.
Store things as needed – for example, clothes and shoes; summer clothes can be put on the top shelves of the closet, then they will definitely not get in the way. Think about your approximate route around the house, where it would be convenient for you to charge your phone, where to put your keys, umbrella, hat, scarf, gloves when you arrive home. Where to put the child’s bicycle and outdoor toys. For all this, you need to allocate a comfortable storage place, for example a drawer or shelf.
Lack of space – if you understand that one hundred percent space is not enough, you can buy additional furniture, get rid of unnecessary things, take seasonal items to a warehouse for storage or to the country house.
May your move be successful and enjoyable!


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