How to cut meat correctly


To ensure that the meat cooks evenly and is tasty, cut it into even cubes, each of which should be 3.5 to 4 centimeters in size. Pieces that are too small run the risk of burning the meat, resulting in a dry kebab. Conversely, if the pieces are too large, the cooking process may become tediously long and the meat may end up undercooked.

It is recommended to remove the bones from chicken thighs for a smoother grilling experience. This step simplifies the skewering process and eliminates the need to gnaw all the bones.How to cut meat correctly

When working with beef, it is very important to remove all veins. When exposed to high temperatures, they shrink, causing the meat to lose its juiciness.

In the case of pork, it is recommended to preserve the fat streaks. They help retain moisture during the cooking process, ensuring the juiciness of the kebab. Their contribution to the overall taste and tenderness of the finished dish cannot be overestimated.

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