How to choose quality meat: expert advice


If you choose young pork, make sure it is pinkish-gray or pale pink. The muscles should have a soft, delicate texture.

Good beef has a bright red color and a pleasant smell. High-quality lamb will be identified by its elastic, coarse-grained flesh and solid color. A good bird should be either white or pale pink; the fat of the bird is yellowish and melts quickly in your hands.How to choose quality meat: expert advice

The rabbit is sold only whole. However, before purchasing the product, you need to make sure that it is actually a rabbit. To do this, check one of the paws – it should not be skinned. High-quality rabbit meat has a dense structure and a pinkish tint.

As the rabbit meat dries, it forms a pale pink crust. It’s a good sign if a rabbit is sold with giblets, which means the carcass is definitely fresh.

Press the surface of the meat with your finger – a dimple should appear and quickly disappear.

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