How to brew pu-erh


Pu-erh is a tea that requires special attention and respect. It does not tolerate haste and carelessness, but in return it gives a unique taste and aroma, and has a beneficial effect on the body. To brew pu-erh correctly, you need to follow some simple rules.

Selection of cookware
Pu-erh should be brewed in a container made of natural materials. It will be very good if you can brew tea in a teapot or gaiwan made of Yixing clay. It not only retains heat perfectly, but also reveals the tea aroma in the best possible way. Clean porcelain or glassware also works. It is important that there are no foreign odors. The container for pu-erh should have a small volume – from 100 to 200 ml, then the tea will not cool down quickly and will retain all its healing properties.

Choice of water
Before enjoying the aroma and taste of pu-erh, it is important to choose the right water for brewing it. The water should be soft, fresh and without the smell of chlorine. If you are unsure of the quality of your tap water, it is better to use filtered or bottled water. Avoid spring water or mineral water, as they may upset the balance of flavor and aroma of the pu-erh. The water should be quite hot – from 95 to 100 degrees Celsius. For more delicate varieties of shen pu-erh, you can reduce the temperature to 90-95 degrees.

Choice of brewHow to brew pu-erh
The brew for pu-erh must be fresh, of high quality, and free of mold. It is best to choose whole leaves or compressed forms, as they retain more nutrients and aromas. Loose pu-erh may have a less intense taste and loses its properties faster. The amount of brewing depends on personal preference and the strength of the tea. On average, you need to take from 3 to 5 grams of tea leaves per 150 ml of water.

Brewing process
To get maximum pleasure from pu-erh, you need to follow several rules when brewing it:

Preparing dishes. The teapot or gaiwan should be rinsed with boiling water so that it heats up and does not affect the taste and aroma of the tea.
Cleaning the tea leaves. The tea leaves are placed in a teapot or gaiwan and poured with boiling water for a couple of seconds, then the infusion is drained. This helps get rid of dust and open the tea leaves.
Pu-erh infusion. The tea leaves are poured with boiling water and left for half a minute to two minutes, depending on the type and desired strength of the tea. For shen puer, the infusion time is increased with each pour, but for shu puer it is left approximately the same. The infusion is poured into cups without allowing it to cool in a teapot or gaiwan.
Repeated brewing of pu-erh. Pu-erh can be enjoyed many times as it retains its flavor and aroma. The number of pours is determined by the quality of the brew and personal taste. Typically, pu-erh is brewed 5 to 10 times, sometimes more.

Try this wonderful drink, which should be like a woman’s kiss – strong, hot and sweet!


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