How should the office relocation process go?


Sooner or later everyone has to move with, the reasons may be different, the office has become too small for a growing company or too expensive. This is a rather troublesome and lengthy process, especially if you have a large premises and many employees. The coordinator will have to work, draw up a plan so that the company does not suffer damage. In any case, there are many advantages, for example, you can get rid of unnecessary trash and garbage, and unite the team when collecting things. Optimal time for preparation: 1-1.5 months (it all depends on the size of the company), a quick option of 1-2 weeks is also possible. Let’s move on to drawing up a plan:How should the office relocation process go?

Find a suitable office, sign all the necessary documents, be sure to check the premises, do not forget to notify and agree on all the details of the move with the previous landlord.
Of course, the first thing you need to do is notify company employees, clients and partners about the upcoming move. Since they may have difficulty getting to their new office, they will need to think about a convenient route. You can also give employees a tour of the new premises and assign work stations.
Draw up a plan (diagram) of workplaces, sockets for each of them, as well as the arrangement of furniture and other things.
Carry out a complete inventory and make a list, in addition to counting things, think about what furniture will need to be disassembled.
It is better to prepare in advance and find a cargo transportation company, buy packaging material (this can be done by a moving company and directly by the movers who will go to you).
Collecting all documents, packing equipment and labeling boxes.
Possible disassembly of furniture (this can also be done by loaders, immediately before loading).
It is better to choose the day of transportation at the end of the work week or the weekend; many large companies do this at night. It may be advisable to call two teams of loaders and two cars so that everything goes even faster and everyone can start working in a few days. The movers will take out all the things, load them into cars, take them to the point, unload them and bring them to the new premises. With a quality plan, you will stay on schedule and your move to your new office will be a success!

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