How is sheet glass transported?


Transportation of glass is one of the most difficult, as it can break even from a small impact. Even durable materials can be damaged under heavy loads. Delivery must comply with rules and technologies There are special vehicles that are designed specifically for transporting glass. On an open side gazelle you can easily transport such a fragile load. It has small dimensions that make it easy to navigate roads and smoothly drive through potholes without damaging the contents of the body. Special structures on which the products are attached will help you load a large amount of material, while they will not touch each other, so they will arrive intact. To transport sheet glass by car, it must have:

Design for fastening and fixing (belts and retaining tapes);
Good spring system and smooth ride;
Possibility to stack the load in a pyramid;
Speed not exceeding 50 km.


How is sheet glass transported?
Two young handsome smiling movers wearing uniforms are unloading the van full of boxes. House move, mover service.

Optimal options:

Bubble film (can be two or three layers);
Foamed polyethylene;
Polymer foam;
Packaging cardboard;
Paper (thin and more suitable for small glass items).
And for transportation they use wooden frames, pallets and boxes.

Manual carrying is the use of vacuum suction cups with handles that are attached to the product.
On special equipment – using cranes or loaders.
By truck – transportation by vehicle is suitable for small-sized products.


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