Floor protection when moving


One of the main problems is handling heavy household appliances and furniture, which we pack without fail, but unfortunately we forget to insure our floors against unforeseen damage. Floors and walls receive a lot of damage when moving, for example, scratches, dents, and sometimes the tiles can crack due to a large impact; many wooden floors have a thin top layer, which can also be damaged due to carelessness. All this happens due to the movement of heavy objects of awkward shape. Let’s consider several rules and suggestions for protecting wooden, tile and all other types of floors. How can you protect it for moving with https://www.flashmoving.net/household-movers/apartment-movers/studio-apartment-movers/?Floor protection when moving

Furniture trolley – they are usually equipped with rubber wheels and belts that will need to securely secure your cargo, make sure that the wheels are clean, then they can be transported on any type of surface;
Slings or belts – minimize the risk of falling, but of course you need to secure it correctly, and also reduce the load when lifting;
Plywood sheets – the best protection are the sheets that are the second layer of your floor, they will do an excellent job of covering any type of surface, but they are quite expensive;
Thick cardboard – As an alternative to plywood sheets, you can use cheap and versatile cardboard, which will also do the job. It can also serve as protection against trolleys.
Old blankets or carpets.
Carry lightweight objects in your hands, such as boxes and chairs.

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