Features of packing dishes for moving


Dishes are a very important and integral component of the entire kitchen. Any valuable and fragile items will not survive impacts or falls. To protect your property, you need to purchase packaging materials and boxes in advance. Packing glassware when moving with https://www.flashmoving.net/packers-and-movers/ is the most important attribute for its safety. Suitable materials:

Thick cardboard boxes, they are universal and fit everything.
Paper, newspapers (but due to poor-quality printing, text may be imprinted on the dishes, be careful) – they can wrap anything fragile, as well as fill the void between objects, inside the box.
Bubble film is essentially a more expensive analogue of paper, but is more reliable.
Markers, stickers – for inscriptions.
Bags, packages.Features of packing dishes for moving
So, when packing items, you can be extra safe and put a blanket or thick cardboard at the bottom of the box. You can remove voids in drawers or boxes with foam rubber, napkins, paper, and rags.

Plates, saucers, salad bowls – you can form a stack of several plates and wrap them in paper, secure with adhesive tape. They need to be placed edgewise.
Cups, glasses – we fill the void in them, and then we wrap them in paper and put them in a box, we also fill in the gaps in it.
Crystal – pack with bubble wrap and put in a box.
Devices – everything is simple with them, wrap them in paper, secure them with tape and put them in your bag.
Kitchen utensils – frying pans, pots, kettles, stewpans – are wrapped in paper and placed in large boxes or bags.
When moving, you need to pack dishes very carefully, especially the handles and lugs on the cups, as this is the most vulnerable place for fragile things. When moving, you need to transport dishes with great care. Do not exceed speed, place it correctly in the car and secure it inside the body. Once again, packing dishes when moving is very important! It will be much easier to move, together with professionals who will do everything for you!


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