Do I need to disassemble furniture when moving?


Furniture is one of the largest items that can be transported during residential and office moves with Disassembly of interior items is mandatory, this will make them easier to carry and pack, and the chance of breakage during transportation will be minimized. If the furniture is not taken apart, it will be difficult to get into the elevator or down the staircase.

Wardrobes, sideboards, cabinets and chests of drawers need to be emptied of things. Next, disassemble, first remove the fittings, screws, mirrors and all small parts, they can be put in a separate bag. After this, remove the back wall and wrap all parts with stretch.
Anything that cannot be disassembled or some small items can be transported, but drawers or doors must be secured (for example, with tape or rope).Do I need to disassemble furniture when moving?
Be sure to use the markings, they will help you with further assembly, since this matter requires the necessary skills, you can ask the loaders about this.
Sofas, armchairs, as well as antique items require proper packaging.

Stretch and cellophane are suitable for upholstery.
Air bubble film – mirrors and glass, as well as all other fragile elements.
Cardboard boxes – suitable for almost everything, from clothes and accessories to furniture (disassembled into parts)
Moving furniture will be successful if you use good and high-quality packaging materials and also disassemble all the components. Are you afraid you won’t be able to cope alone? Order the services of movers who will do everything for you, as well as purchase packaging and assemble everything on site. Happy moving!


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