Balanced nutrition for diabetes: step-by-step instructions


The first step towards a healthy lifestyle is to become familiar with the foods that diabetics should definitely avoid. This list includes sugar and high sugar foods such as honey, jam, marmalade, chocolate and other sweets, white flour and its derivatives (including pasta, buns, cookies, cakes, pies), and high sugar fruits. such as grapes and bananas.

Cereals, potatoes and whole grain breads are acceptable, but should be consumed in moderation.

Does this mean you need to say goodbye to your sweet tooth? Not at all! Naturally sweet fruits and berries can be a great alternative, as long as you keep your sugar levels under control. Specialty health stores also stock a range of sweets suitable for diabetics.Balanced nutrition for diabetes: step-by-step instructions

How to create the perfect plate for a diabetic diet
The basis of the diet for diabetics should be lean meats and fish, unsweetened dairy products, vegetables (except potatoes) and fruits. This diet provides an adequate balance of proteins and fats, as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

In addition, do not forget about the three main products in a diabetic’s diet – mineral water, herbs and spices.

This balanced, nutritious diet is beneficial not only for diabetics, but for everyone who puts their health first. After all, healthy eating is the cornerstone of a healthy body, and there is no greater wealth than health itself.


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