Branding: Effective Strategies to Provide a Competitive Advantage for International Businesses.

Abstract: Brand and effective brand management are integral part of the strategic marketing management. The role of brands and branding toward corporate performance and customer satisfaction has been variously researched. Branding today, as a marketing tool has been recognized as a source of sustainable strategic competitive advantage tool in the organization. No wonder those organizations that have formulated and implemented strategic brand practicing are more successful and profitable than those that have not. In today’s hyper competitive knowledge driven economy characterized with consumer sophistication, the need for organizations to adopt strategically different approaches and method that will radically differentiate them from the competition in term of product, services, practice, structure, system, procedure among others. The study is quantitative in nature, and adopted a survey descriptive approach with the use of questionnaire. A sample size of 80 was hypothetical drawn for the study using the stratified random sampling technique. Data gathered was regressed; the finding shows that effective 2 corporate branding is a significant tool toward competitive market. The result of the R = 0.621 (62.1%) implies that there is a positive statistical relationship between corporate branding and competitive market. The study concluded and recommended that organizations should invest in effective corporate branding to enable the organization the ability of enhancing their position in the competitive industry.