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20 Mar 2023

The Skyline is an Indian multi-sectoral general-interest business and cultural magazine, published 2 times a year under the shadow of Global Knowledge Research Foundation. Based in India, it is now headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Skyline could reach to more readers in their respective fields as it is an International publication facilitating Business, Lifestyle, Technology and Research among different players by its article & advertorial publications, globally.

“The Skyline” is a term represents the objective and peak of GR foundation, which provides and create a platform for collaboration of World class Research Organisation, their academia & industry and plays a pivotal role in partnering and strengthening Indian industry and Government in all sectors for global research, innovations, collaborations and technological support for sustainable growth and development. 

Global editions of The Skyline will reach an additional 5 million people in more than 20 countries, via various editions in English language. The periodical has a global circulation within millions of people, making it the widest paid-circulation magazine among different communities.

It will also publish in digital audio and physical copy as “The Skyline Pages”. The magazine is compact, with its pages covering branding of an individual, celebrities, and business tycoons along with the advertorials of an organizations, sector specific industries, research notes, academia, institutions, universities and company advertisements.

The magazine’s format will be consisted of more than 50 individual articles per issue, along with different company advertisements, academic research articles, institutional column and Personal glimpses. Each article has an electronic portable format (e-pdf) digital copy and will provide to the prospective person for their individual branding. The format of the pages and the articles will evolve into flashy, colourful, eye-catching graphics throughout, and many short bits of data interspersed with full articles.

The Skyline will also maintain a nation-wide approach and update on political and social issues. The mission of The Skyline under the umbrella of GR Foundation is to reach 5,00,000 subscribers by 2022.

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